Dhenzang Education Consultancy and Placement Firm, Paro, Bhutan offers the following incredible services:

  • Profile Evaluation: We have professional counsellors who thoroughly examine your profile and passionately listen to your demands in order to understand your needs. We respect your views and help you follow your dreams.
  • University or College choice: We offer a host of recognized universities/colleges that provide the specific degree you want to pursue.
  • Financial Paperwork: The counsellors assist you in preparing your financial documents by providing samples for your review. This contains academic records and grade reports. Hard copies of these materials must be delivered to colleges for their assessment and onward response. 
  • Editing Services: We also have a team of expert editors who can edit your supporting papers such as SOPs, résumés, university essays, and so on. The best aspect of this service is that many students use it to have their essays and applications modified in order to be considered for scholarships to study abroad.
  • Application Procedure and Material: We first assist you in completing your application materials before submitting them to the universities of your choice.
  • Query Handling: This is done throughout the counselling process; if you get stuck, they will help you.
  • VISA Counselling: This is where the majority of visa denials occur. However, with the assistance of counsellors, you may ace the VISA interviews by practising with mock interviews.
  • University Interviews: Some business schools or MBA programs conduct interviews to assess your profile appropriateness. Counsellors prepare you for this by instilling confidence in you.

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