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    Dhenzang ECPF is founded on the principle of Karmic effect. Good begets good. So we provide the best of services …

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    Dhenzang Education Consultancy and Placement Firm, Paro, Bhutan offers the following incredible services:

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    Linkages with renowned Universities and Colleges

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    For enquiry please contact: tel:+97517257618/176802557/7474161 email: [email protected]


We envision a supportive environment for all the students and scholars who are keen to pursue further studies. We will work towards enabling transformative discoveries and innovation, produce new knowledge, and support creative minds to benefit the Bhutanese.


  1. To offer the best educational consultancy service and boundless higher education opportunities to Bhutanese students seeking to pursue their studies abroad.
  2. To provide a comprehensive guideline to aspiring Bhutanese students and ensuring high standards in the quality of pre/post consultancy services, and
  3. To help the students & parents make the right choices of programmes & Colleges/Universities.
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